Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Life Hands You A Lemon, Make Lemonade (Gods Way)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Life Hands You A Lemon, Make Lemonade
(God's Way)

If you read my blog about what can go wrong, you know that the past few weeks weren't going very well for the Oliver household.

I want to regress a bit; we bought our home in February of 2007, the house is perfect for my large family. We were living in a 3 bedroom double wide, small bed rooms at that. All 4 of my girls were in one bedroom, in bunk beds and were crunched together with no space of their own. I hated it, but at the time we had no choice.

When we decided to try and buy, everything was so expensive, and the ones we felt we could afford were no better than what we were renting. My friend Claudia had called me a few months before we moved and told me about this house. Because of financial problems when I had to leave my job and apply for disability, our credit was terrible. We had lost our home, car and just about everything, waiting for the government to approve me for disability, it took five long hard years, and finally an attorney, before I got approved. So we knew what ever we got had to be owner financed, not so easy to come by.

Well I have never been known for being shy when it comes to something we need/want, so when Claudia called and told me her friends Mom had this house and described it, I thought OMGoodness, that would be perfect for us. Four bedroom, 3 full baths, LR, FR, Kitchen, Play room, almost two acres of land. A shop/garage combo, so I would have a place to put my hubby, when he gets in the dog house, LOL.

So I pick up the phone call the lady, and she says "No she can not finance, she needs someone who can get their own financing", well what could I say or do, I just prayed and kept on looking, at that time we didn't have an answer on my disability, and knew it would be a few more months. Now I am not one to procrastinate, I was still looking the whole time.

I was finally approved, so I doubled my efforts to find us a home that would have enough room. In January 07 I found a place that i thought might work, it only had 3 bedrooms, but was in our price range, and had a family room, that we could convert to a fourth bedroom, while it wasn't the ideal situation, I felt we could make it work. I actually told the man who had it that I thought we would take it, he said he would draw up the contract, and get back with me. We left feeling somewhat better, we had found a place that would work, with owner financing.

When we got home, I still had this nagging feeling like something wasn't right, (God). So I prayed, Lord, you know that if this is what you have for us, I will be perfectly happy, and make the most of it, but Father, you also know my heart, and you know that if I had my druthers, you know my heart is set on the other house, but now I am gonna praise you either way, and be happy with what you provide, I want your perfect will for us. I amened it and left it in His hands.

The next day I was sitting in my living room, thinking about the new house and what we could do to make the family room work for a fourth bedroom. My phone rings and I pick it up. It is the lady I had spoken with about this house. She said that she had had the house on the market for a year, and it still had not sold, she couldn't keep making two house payments and had decided she would work with me on owner financing, if I was still interested. Now isn't that just like God? I had never even seen the inside of the house, all I had was Claudia's description, but I knew it would be perfect. We made arrangements for us to come on out and look, so in the car we go.

The house was just what I had envisioned, and we agreed on the terms, while we were here looking. The next day I called the other guy and told him, we would not be getting his house, and explained to him why. He was very understanding. I started packing, and we were ready to move in on Feb. 1st.Other things happened along the way, like finding out we could actually get financed, but I won't go into all that.

As I said the house was perfect for us, when we moved in I started making the house a home for us, I decorated all the children's rooms just as they wanted them, you know with a rental you can't do that. The girls wanted Disney Princess, our 17 year old wanted "Pink", our son settled for Harley Davidson. They finally had their own spaces. There was one thing i wanted, but had to wait because we ran out of remodeling money, I wanted to do the floors in wood, or false wood, but I knew it would have to wait, and I was fine with that, all things come in good time.

That leads me up to the flood, and what happened yesterday. As you know we had a disaster, a couple of weeks ago when my hot water heater had busted lines, the house was flooded in the kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, and in hubby's closet and part of the carpet in our room. I had called the insurance company the day after the flood, I told them the floors were still seeping water, and I would prefer to wait until everything dried out to see what kind of damage we had. Well the vinyl in the kitchen started bowing up in the middle, the carpet is molding, the chair railing turning black, so I knew we were going to have to get the adjuster out here. I called Thursday of last week, they called me back today, and said they would have a company they work with to contact me. The man called me yesterday afternoon, and said from what I had described they would have to replace the vinyl, and carpet, and wanted to know if I wanted him to go ahead and bring carpet samples when he came. Well I decided to go for the gold, I said, "To be honest, if it would be possible I would prefer to have wood flooring, instead of going back with the Bur bur" He said Bur bur? I said yes, he said he had wood flooring, in stock, that was comparable, to the price of the Bur bur, and it would be no problem.

Now isn't that just like God? When the water heater was shooting water all over the house and me, all I could do was stand and cry, thinking what a disaster, and mess. God saw an opportunity to fulfill one of His children's dreams. Boy am I glad He is my Heavenly Father, and on my side. He always takes the LEMONS, in my life, and makes the sweetest lemonade.

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