Sunday, July 6, 2008

A goodie for the kids

My children are collectors, stamps, stickers, post cards, what we call our treasures, (things people give them, or special awards, special BD or other cards), I started a treasure box when my first child was born, and have done it ever since, so when my children saw it, they decided to start boxes of their own. Anyway, back to the goodie........ When you click on this link, it will take you to this site. Just follow directions and send for the stamps. Very good Deal for just the cost of an envelope and stamp.

What I like most about hobbies like this is that you can work with your children and create lasting memories. Hobbies also teach your children patience, because they have to take their time if they want a nice project.

Hopefully I will come across some more freebies like this one before the summer ends, I know if your children are like mine, they are getting bored already, and I am scrambling to find free, or low cost things to keep them occupied. With my crew if I don't they will play Cowboys and Indians , and you know who will wind up the Indian!

So talk to my heart, tell me what hobbies your children are into, and any freebies you have found for them.

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