Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And Six Makes Eleven

As you can see it has been a while between updates, but I have a very good excuse. As you all know I have five children at home, well the past 3 weeks not only have I had my five, but six of my Grand Children, in and out, then a friend of my oldest April. She was with us for 2 weeks, right before the Grands got here. Now for some reason that I just can't understand, I haven't had time to update the blog, (scratches head)?

I love having the Grand kids, last year we had them for two weeks, then they went home for two weeks and came back a week, so I think they love coming to Grandmommy and Grandaddys too. We couldn't do much with them this year, you know the deal with stacation, but we still had a good time. They camped in the yard, we roasted marshmallows 2 or 3 times, ate watermelon, stayed up way past bedtime, and got caught up on all the hugs and kisses we had missed since they were here last. On Friday it was the 10 yr olds Birthday, so we had a Birthday celebration for all 3 of the ones here from out of town, since we didn't get to help them celebrate when their Birthdays came around. I baked 72 cup cakes, then spelled their initials with them, and decorated with Barbie colors and decorations, we didn't need to invite anyone, we had ten here then, and then Analise the Grand born in November, and her Mommy came, to pick up Alyssa and Andrew, the two Grands who live locally. So we had our own party going.

The three from out of town left Saturday, I sure am missing them already. The house feels empty after having so many here. Now it is just me and Hubby, and four of ours, April went home with my DIL who is local. Tomorrow the other four will leave for their Biological Aunts and Uncles house until Saturday, because hubby has a doctors consultation out of town on Wednesday. We may be gone a few days if they decide to go ahead and do something about his arteries. It is supposed to only be a consultation, but he has had problems this past week, so I think they may want to go ahead and do something while they have him.

The rest of my upcoming weeks will be filled with physicals, eye appointments, dental appointments, etc. getting the kids ready to go back to school. All the appointments have been made, so we are set in that respect, with five I have to start early. You know that is a rant I have too. The doctors never want to set all my kids up for the same day on appointments. You would think with gas prices the way they are, they would be a bit more understanding and lenient, but no, those are the rules, tow from the same family in a day. Oh well I guess what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, I should be Wonder Woman by now. Let me see if I can pull up some pictures for you of our antics the past few weeks. Hope I can.....

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