Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet Memories

I wrote this in response to a discussion on My Lot, which is a discussion site I belong to, as I wrote it I decided I wanted to share my childhood memories here with you. I hope you enjoy them, and then Talk To My Heart and tell me your childhood memories, I would love to read them.

Oh the memories you brought back, I'm not much younger than you at 51, my memories are gas at 24 cent, bread 25 cent a loaf, 7 cent sodas. I was in 2nd grade in school when Kennedy was killed, we were all terrified, we thought the world had ended. I remember the days and days of watching all the processions on TV, how sad we all felt. I too remember the first man on the moon, "One small step for Man, One Large step for man kind". I remember The pledge of Allegiance being said in school and the pride I felt each time I put my hand to my heart. I remember prayer in school, and the peace it gave me at the start of each day. I didn't worry about being shot in school, or stabbed, the worst thing that happened in my schools were fist fights, then the next day they were friends again.We played outside like you, we made play houses out of leaves, sectioning each room, using stumps and crates for our furniture. Since we were poor and couldn't afford balls and bats, we played ball with sticks and large rocks, had a good shiner once when I missed the "Ball". I remember laying on the grass and watching for the first star to appear so I could make my wish. Catching lightning bugs in a jar, eating honeysuckle the juice so sweet. Those were the best times ever, and the worst, but they sure do make sweet memories.

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