Friday, June 20, 2008

What's In A Name

Do you remember when you first found out you were going to be a parent? What was one of the first things you thought about? Well if you were like me; it was what are we going to name the baby?

The bible says in Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is to be chosen, rather than great riches." Wow! The name we choose must be very important, for God to want it mentioned in the bible.
With both of my natural born sons I kept that verse in my heart. With my oldest I read the baby name book for weeks. I knew I wanted his name to contain his dads name somewhere, which was Scott, (ex by the way), but what could we put with it that would be a "Good Name?"
We finally decided on Jason, which means Healer. The name was so appropriate to me because my husband had MS, and we both believed, and still believe that God could and would heal him.

Well twelve years later, I found myself single and dating, then I met my present husband Larry. I only had Jason. I had been diagnosed with endometreosis, and was told I would never have any more children, that was a heart breaker for me because I had always wanted a large family, (In another installment I will tell you about a dream, remind me if I forget!) Larry had 3 children, and I was thrilled, I finally had my large family, well Surprise! Surprise! Within a month I was pregnant. I had two miscarriage's and we found out I was pregnant again, we decided if I lost the baby this time, that would be it, because it was so hard on me emotionally and physically. This time I carried the baby full term, actually more than full term, he was what the Dr. called a floater, he would go down in the birth canal then float back up, and he's been stubborn like that all his life, (I still love you son.) I had no doubt what I wanted to name this one, my precious father had passed away when Jason was 2, and I wanted this one to be his name sake, whether it was a boy or a girl. Thus Jonathon which means.....NOW GET THIS! God has given. Can you see how this name thing works? His middle name came from someone who was just as important to Larry, his maternal grandfather Adam.

Now I will get to the point of why I chose this subject for the post today, about time huh?
When I was trying to think of what to call my blog, again the bible verse was in my heart. I had several idea's bouncing around. I knew what I wanted the premise of the blog to be from the start, but had no idea what to call it. As I was thinking about the content, and how I would communicate my feelings, I knew one thing for sure, I almost always speak not only what is in my head, but mainly what is in my heart. Some of you who know me well may dispute this next statement, but here goes; I consider myself an intelligent woman. I don't have a college education, most of everything I know, and what I will write on this blog comes from the good old fashioned "School of hard knocks." You can believe me when I tell you I have a wealth of knowledge that comes with that degree. My life has been a learning experience in many different areas, some good, some bad, and some devastating but guess what I found out early on; no matter what I have gone through in my life, God has put someone in my path who needed the knowledge and strength I gained from the experience. I have always believed that you can look at someone all day long and say, I know how you feel, but unless you have walked in those shoes, you are full of bull.

As we begin our relationship together on this blog you will find out why I chose the name. The post I write, the advice I give you, the feelings I express, the friendship we develop will for the most part not come from a book, though if what you need is advice that has to be "legal", I will research it out for you, but for the most part it will be you, "Talking To My Heart." I can't wait to get started, can you?

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ANJIE said...

your "voice" is beautiful and information so very important! NO I cannot wait! :)