Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Very First Bog

Have you ever felt proud of yourself for an accomplishment? Well I do today. When I was first asked about doing a Blog, I thought, "Oh My Goodness, how am I going to do that, I know nothing about blogging, except reading what other people write, and making comments, well that was a no brainer, easy to do right? But how in the world would I do a blog of my own? I have poked and prodded and changed everything a zillion times, and guess what! I finally did it! I hope you like the finished product, and I also hope that you become daily readers, and posters to "Talk To My Heart". We will have fun in this adventure, learn new things, help each other with our daily issues, and become fast friends.
I thought about what my first topic should be and decided it would be , Drum roll please..................

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