Sunday, June 29, 2008

They Say It Comes In Three's

Have you ever had "ONE OF THOSE WEEK'S?" Well this was mine!
Last Saturday promised to be a relaxing fun filled day with just me and my girls. My 9 year old had been invited to her BFF at schools birthday party. It was going to be at a place at our local mall called Xtreme Play. They have all these blow up slides, bouncers, ball pits, video games. The girls had been begging to go since it opened about eight months ago. So I decided we would all go to the party, and just make a girls day out of it, we do that every month or two, we will go get our hair done, or go shopping, any fun thing just for us. So me, my 17, 10, 9 and 6 year old all headed to the mall. The girls were having a blast, and the ones who weren't invited to the party, got to eat cake, and everything with the party. My 17 yr. old and I waited until the party was winding down, and went across the hall to a BBQ rest. and had a set down lunch, while the other three got in a little more play. From where we were we could see the girls, and the door, so we knew they were safe. When we finished, I told her to go collect her sisters, that I would go on and get the explorer opened up. Well as I approached I saw the left of it looked funny, flat as a fritter, left front tire. I called my hubby and told him to bring our 14 yr old son and change the tire. Mean time here comes the 17 year old with no sisters. They wouldn't let her have them because her ID bracelet had a different number than the party bracelet. I said, just go back in and tell them to play until Dad gets here to change the flat. A few more minutes and the mall police,( yes we have mall police, they have an annex in our mall), stopped to see if I needed help, I said no, my hubby was on the way. He had no sooner walked off, hubby calls, he stopped to get gas, and his van wouldn't crank back up, I said maybe the battery was low, at 5MPG we don't drive it much, there was no one around with jumper cables, and ours were in my car. I said call AAA, well he tried to start it one more time and it cranked. Called me back said on my way. 5 minutes later, ring...Honey, I am broke down on 3, it is smoking and won't go anywhere, again call AAA I say. They won't come tow him, his tags expired. Mean time I go locate the kind policeman, sure he will help, let him get what he needs, ringgggg, "I am sorry but I have to go break up a fight, just hang in there, I will be right back," (Famous last words!) So I wait and wait, and wait some more. Finally the SGT. shows up, and I explain what has transpired, he will change it, no problem! (Remember the famous last words?) My tire iron won't work, he gets a 4 way, jacks it up, LOL because of where I am sitting, it won't go up far enough. He says he will go around to Sears and borrow a floor jack, Thanks be to God, I am thinking! Mean time my first rescuer comes back, he apologizes, says he broke up one fight, got called to another. Is that what they call Sat. night lights? Here comes Sarge, and between the two, they have it changed in about 3 minutes. So in I go to collect my kids, 4 hours later. They must have loved my kids, cause they didn't want to give them to me either, seems my bracelet had the same number as the 17 yr old. What happened was the BD party had one number, I paid the rest of our way in so was issued a different number, I was tempted to punish that rude woman, and leave all four of them, for her "pleasure", but I figured with my luck the kind policeman, would beat me home with them.

That was finally over, then comes Monday. I woke up and my leg was hurting so bad, I couldn't put weight on it. Been having problems with blood clots in the left one, this is the right, I am hoping they will dissolve before Monday, if not back to the Doctor.

Tuesday rolls around Hubby is gonna have a sleep study done at the VA. He will be spending the night. I hear my son ask, "what is that noise?" I am half asleep, in so much pain, with the leg, that I can't sleep. The 17 year old says, oh just the water heater filling up, so I didn't think anymore about it. Hubby left around five, about seven, I go to the kitchen, and my 10 yr. old is in there too, she says, "Mom whys water all over the floor here, I look and a big puddle of water is coming from under the pantry door, "Oh SH>>" I knew what was happening, since we had had another hose burst right after we moved in last year. Seems the lady we bought the house froms hubby had plumbed the water heater, and did a slip shod job. To get to the water heater, I had to take all the food out of pantry, take down 4 shelves, remove a wall panel. By the time I got done, I said it looked like a rerun of "I love Lucy. I was soaked from my head to my feet, I got the spigots turned off going to the heater, water was still gushing, couldn't get hubby on his cell, to find out what the next step was, by then I was adding to the flood, I was crying so hard. My brother finally got there, a half hour later, went under the house and turned off the spigot under the house. Well you can imagine, it looked like the flood was coming, and me in it up to my eyeballs. We used the shop vac, and carpet shampooer to suck up as much of the water as we could, hubby finally called back, after I got done, wouldn't you know it? Well I called the insurance company and reported what happened, told them I was gonna wait until everything dried out then let them send an adjuster out. I in the mean time am trying to keep a praise report on my lips and in my heart. I keep saying well I wanted to change over to wood looking floors anyway, this may be God's way of me being able to afford to do it, wouldn't that be nice? Woohoo! Some more small things have happened, like when we got the hoses fixed, we had trouble getting water to the toilet again, we still have one not filling, any ideas? I hope this run of bad luck has ended I am so ready for a nice quiet couple of days. Keep us in your prayers, and I will keep you in mine.

Now talk to my heart, tell me how your week was, and any bad luck you've had, but also tell me something funny, I could use a good laugh about now.

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Being a big woman ain't no fun in the game of size 14...ooh blaa blaa blaa...You got me laughing though Lucy!!