Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pushing The Future

My friend and mentor Anjie Henley at gave us a link to day to an awesome blog and video that could potentially save us all a bunch of money in our gas tanks. I have heard all of our political parties ideas about new energy sources. They have talked about drilling, solar energy, clean coal, but the thing I haven't heard is what can help us now? Everything they are talking about is 7 or more years down the road, and I personally can not survive another 7 years with these kinds of Gas prices, and everything else going up. I was so impressed with this technology I want to know more and quickly. You can view the video here, and find out more, I personally think it is brilliant and I am proud to say this awesome invention was dreamed up by one of our Freelancebyu members, spouses, so it's kind of all in the family.

After you have a chance to view come on back and Talk to my heart, let me know what you think about this new invention.

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I think they are in the lead! wooohooo thanks for passing along the word, I too think this is SO COOL!